“RentNoma” reservation terms and conditions

Car reservations are possible on the RentNoma website www.rentnoma.lv by filling in the reservation application and receiving the reservation confirmation, as well as by calling +371 26026012, +371 26744455 or sending a request to the e-mail address info@rentnoma.lv and agreeing on the reservation. rules. If the customer wants to use the car already on the day of booking, this type of booking can only be applied by phone.

Car rental agreement

When booking a car, the customer confirms that he has read the General Terms and Conditions of the Car Rental Agreement and will accept them as binding in the event that a Car Rental Agreement is concluded between the customer and the car.

The car rental agreement consists of General Terms and Conditions, which are the same for all rental agreements, and Special Terms and Conditions, which specify the specific car, the services are chosen by the lessee, as well as other essential terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties.

Booking a car does not automatically guarantee the conclusion of a Car Rental Agreement, and the Car Rental Agreement is considered concluded when the parties have finally agreed on the rental car, rent, and additional services, as well as other essential terms of the agreement and signed the Car Rental Agreement.

Additional equipment

When booking, the customer will indicate the desired additional equipment, as well as specific requirements. The following standard accessories are available: high chair, GPS navigation.

The availability of additional equipment and the fulfillment of specific requirements is ensured if it has been approved separately by the car.

Lease term and place of delivery

When booking a car, you must specify the rental period (start and end dates of the rental, time), as well as the place of receipt and return of the car. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The customer can choose the autonomous delivery places of the offered car, as well as, by separate agreement with the autonomous one, the delivery of the car can be provided in other places.

Receipt and return of the car at the autonomous rental point at Pulkveža Brieža Street 40, Liepāja, Republic of Latvia, on working days during autonomous working hours is free of charge. Delivery and return of the car to the place specified by the customer and/or outside working hours takes place in accordance with the price list found on the autonomous website www.rentnoma.lv.


The rent is calculated for the entire rental period, taking into account the number of days (even for a part-time if it is longer than 2 hours). The rent includes compulsory motor third-party liability insurance (OCTA). The rent does not include the variable costs related to the operation and maintenance of the car, namely the costs of fuel, technical fluids.

The advance payment made by the customer at the same time as the reservation is included in the rent. The customer must pay the remaining rent at the same time as concluding the Car Rental Agreement.

Advance payment

When booking a car, the customer makes an advance payment of not less than 10% (ten percent) of the estimated rental fee. If the reservation is canceled and/or the Car Rental Agreement is not concluded due to the customer’s fault, a payment of 10% (ten percent) of the estimated rental fee is considered a payment for the autonomous reservation service, and the remaining amount is refunded to the current account. advance payment has been made.


The vehicle may be driven by a person who is specified in the Car Rental Agreement as a driver and who has at least 3 years of driving experience and a valid driving license and who has reached the age of 23. A driving license must be issued in Latvia. The lessor is entitled to demand a security deposit of 250 euros from persons who have not reached the age of 23, who do not have 3 years of driving experience, or who have been issued a driving license abroad.

Requirements for drivers
When concluding a car rental agreement, the driver must be identified in it, as well as the driver must present a valid driving license entitling him to drive the relevant category of vehicle and an identity document.

The driver must be at least 23 years old and have at least 3 years of experience.

If the above requirements for drivers are not met, the car rental company may refuse to enter into a car rental agreement without any sanctions.


The fuel used for the car according to the type of fuel specified in its technical documentation (diesel fuel).

When the car is delivered, the remaining fuel tank is fixed and the car must be returned with an equivalent remaining fuel tank. Otherwise, an additional payment for the missing fuel is calculated in accordance with the price list on the autonomous website www.rentnoma.lv.


The standard mileage limit for passenger cars is 200-500 km per day. A specific mileage limit is specified in the Car Rental Agreement. If the mileage limit is exceeded, additional costs of 10 euros per 100 km will be covered.

Facilitations and discounts

The customer may be entitled to a rental discount if the customer pays the rental fee and orders additional services in full at the same time when booking the car.

The car rental fee is set lower if the car is rented for a longer rental period.
If the customer rents the car for more than 7 consecutive days, various discounts and rebates may apply.


The customer’s liability is determined in accordance with the concluded Car Lease Agreement.

Penalties may be imposed on the customer for late return of the car, for returning the car with a dirty cabin, smoking in the cabin, violation of the speed limit, loss of keys, and in other cases in accordance with the concluded Car Rental Agreement.

The customer must pay the actual amount of penalties for violations of administrative and traffic regulations recorded during the car rental period, as well as a fee for autonomous administration of such violations.


“RentNoma” Reservation Terms and Conditions, as well as Car Rental Agreements, have been prepared and are being fulfilled in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia. Any disputes are considered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.