“RentNoma” Booking Terms and Conditions

The booking of cars can be done on the “RentNoma” Internet website www.rentnoma.lv, by filling out the booking application and receiving booking confirmation, or alternatively by calling at +37126026012 +37126744455 or sending a request to the e-mail address info@rentnoma.lv and reaching an agreement on the booking terms and conditions. If the client wishes to use the car already starting the day of booking, this can be done only by a phone call.

Car rental agreement

When booking the car, the client confirms that he has familiarised himself with the General Terms and Conditions of the Car Rental Agreement, and agrees to be bound by them in case the client and the car rental office enter into Car Rental Agreement.

Car Rental Agreement consists of General Terms and Conditions, which are identical for all rental agreements, and Special Terms, which identify the specific car, the services selected by the renter, as well as comprise other essential terms agreed upon by the contracting parties.

Booking of a car is not an automatic guarantee that a Car Rental Agreement will be executed. Car Rental agreement is deemed executed at the moment when the contracting parties have reached the final agreement on the rental car, rental fees and additional services, as well as other essential terms of the agreement, and have countersigned the Car Rental Agreement.

Additional equipment

When booking the car, the client requests the desirable additional equipment; he may also have specific requirements. This is the available standard additional equipment: child car seat,  GPS navigation.

Additional equipment will be provided and specific requirements fulfilled only if confirmed separately by the car rental.

Rental period and place of delivery

When booking the car, the rental period (start and end date and hours) should be specified, together with the place of acceptance and place of return. Minimum rental period is 24 hours. The client may select from the car delivery places offered by the car rental; the car may be delivered to other locations upon separate agreement with the car rental.

The car can be accepted and returned free of charge to the car rental office at pulkveza brieza Street 40, Liepaja, Republic of Latvia.Delivery in any adress on Liepaja cost 10 eur.


The rental is calculated for the entire rental period on the basis of the number of days (also for a non-full day, if it is more than 2 hours). The Car rental includes the driver’s third party motor liability (OCTA). The rentals do not include any variable costs related to running and upkeeping the car, i.e., fuel and technical fluids costs.

The amount the client has pre-paid at booking is attributed to the rental. The remaining rental amount should be paid by the client simultaneously with signing the Car Rental Agreement.


When booking the car, the client will advance a pre-payment to the tune of at least 10% (ten per cent) of the anticipated rental. If the booking is cancelled and/ or the Car Rental Agreement is not signed due to the client’s fault, the payment to the tune of 10% (ten per cent) of the anticipated rental will be deemed a payment for the car booking service, while the remaining amount will be returned to the client’s current account from which the payment was transferred.

Security deposit

The purpose of the security deposit is to guarantee that the client honours its contractual obligations to the car rental. When booking a car, the client has to specify the manner of guaranteeing the security deposit: either by paying the security .

If the client fails to comply with requirements in respect of guaranteeing the safety deposit, the car rental may refuse to sign the Car Rental Agreement without any sanctions.

Requirements set forth to the car drivers

When the Car Rental Agreement is signed, it should specify the car driver, and the driver should produce a valid driving licence for the relevant vehicle category plus a personal identification document.

The car driver should be at least 23 years old and with at least 3 year of driving history.

If the driver fails to comply with the above requirements, the car rental may refuse to sign the Car Rental Agreement without any sanctions.


The car should be fuelled with the type of fuel according to its technical documentation (diesel).

Upon the delivery of the car the fuel level in the tank is recorded, and the car should be returned fuelled up to the same level. Otherwise an extra charge will be incurred for the deficit fuel according to the Price List available on the car rental Internet website www.rentnoma.lv


Standard mileage limits for passenger cars is 200-500 km per day. Specific mileage limits are specified in the Car Rental Agreement. If the mileage limits are exceeded, next 100 km cost 10 eur.

Allowances and discounts

Car rental will be lower if the car is rented for longer period.

If the client rents the car for a period beyond 7 days in succession, different allowances and discounts may be applied.


The client’s liability is set according to the signed Car Rental Agreement.

The client may be applied penal charges for returning the car past due, for returning the car with a dirty interior, for smoking in the car, for speeding, for mislaying the keys and on other occasions, according to the Car Rental Agreement and the Price List available on the Internet website www.rentnom.lv.

The client should reimburse the actual penalty amount for administrative offences and violations of road traffic regulations that have been detected during the car rental period, as well as the fee charged by the car rental office for administration of such violations.


“RentNoma” Booking Terms and Conditions, as well as Car Rental Agreements are executed and performed according to the Latvian law. Any disputes shall be handled in the procedure stipulated by the Latvian law.